Wellgate Community Farm, Essex – Bus Livery design and decoration.  2008

Creative workshops were run with local teenagers, the farm team and adults with learning disabilities.
I worked in collaboration Jonny Stockbridge and Studio 3 Arts.
The bus was painted, and artwork was reproduced digitally and applied directly on to the bus. Over sized sculptures were created out of steel and recycled materials.

The Workshops

The brief was to design the livery for a double-decker bus that was being used on the farm as office space. The community farm had a high user group therefore we had an abundance of volunteers keen give this bus well deserved identity.

  1. After totally wrapping the bus with paper, we brain stormed through our ideas directly onto the bus.
  2. We developed these ideas on to small models of the bus.
  3. Photos were taken around the farm of animals, textures and environments.
  4. Through paint and mixed media we created experimental artworks that related to the photos taken.
  5. Mini sculptures were created out of vegetables and found objects.
  6. 3 dimensional relief sculptures – sunflowers – butterflies etc were created and were applied directly to the bus.
  7. Artworks created in the workshops were digitally manipulated and informed the final design. [portfolio_slideshow id=1493]