The Child and Family Centre Barking. Installation 6m x 6.5m 2009

‘Transition and Growth Story Wall’ In Collabouration with Studio 3 Arts

This Installation incorporated Painted elements, Digital print on Perspex and applied to walls and windows. At low level, an interactive magnetic area allowed the children to interact with the piece by taking characters on a journey of their own.

60 children in year 4, from a local school were inspired by the theme ‘Transition and Growth’.

In collaborating with a poet, we looked at the journey we take through our lives. Focusing on memories, aspirations and our imaginations. The participants created poems and text based around their own experiences. Leading from this each child created life sized silhouettes of their bodies. The children then collaged their body shapes full of visuals that were important to them as individuals. We focussed on culture, foods, colours, patterns, interests, family, memories and future aspirations. Each silhouette created representative him or her selves. The artworks and text were reproduced digitally and were the basis for the final design. The final installation is a dynamic flurry of inspiration and energy incorporating individual experiences representing the diversity of the local communities.

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