Seagulls Nursery ‘Life of birds’ Barking 2005

Reception area. Installation 4m x 6.5m in Collabouration with Studio 3 Arts

This piece incorporated Painted elements; Digital print on laser cut Perspex and was applied to wall and assembled in relief, 3dimentionaly. At low level, the instalation incorporated tactile elements. Children could touch and feel natural textures.


Though a series of creative workshops with the nursery children, we focused on the life of birds and their habitat. We teamed up with the RSPB who gave us a real incite into bird life. This lead to creative nest building, constructing birds from leaves, pattern making, paint squidging, mark making and scriberling.

The fantastic artwork created informed the final design. A montage of imagery was reproduced digitally and applied in relief. Seagulls Nursery now had welcoming art piece with impact for the main entrance area.

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