Gayhurst School

ARTBASH were invited Gayhurst Primary School Hackney school to work with the Early Years to help us design Murals for their playgrounds.

Nursery chooses ‘The Rainbow Fish’ as a starting point. We delivered a workshop with the children engaging them in creating their own unique fish, “Just like our selves”
The children also had a chance to paint giant background paintings on the Mural wall, including the sea, seaweeds, coral and under water creatures.

The nursery was a delight to work with and the squidgy, patterned fishes created were beautiful.

Reception chooses ‘Mini Beats’ as their theme. After reading the story ‘The bad tempered Ladybird’The children went out discovering the beasties hiding and flying around the playground. We were amazed at the variety of insets buzzing and creeping around our urban space.The children responded by creating their own artworks including mini beast drawings, patterns and giant paintings of our natural environment.

For both Murals, the children’s artwork was collaged together to create the designs ready for painting. Nursery now has bright unique fishes that can be counted along the wall.

Reception now has a mural brimming full of nature including the children’s designs. I wonder what sounds the mini beasts are making?