Artbash Emerging bookings

ARTBASH EMERGE 2021 Bookings


Which week would you like your child to attend? *
Walking independently. Do you give permission for your child to walk home independently. (For children in Yr 5 or above) *
Photo permission. We often like to share the creative talents of our children. Would you be happy for photos to be taken and to shared on our social media or website? *
First Aid. In the unlikely event that your child may require first aid, do you agree that ARTBASH staff can carry out simple first aid.? *
COVID safe! I have read the measures ARTBASH are implementing detailed on the website. I understand that ARTBASH endeavour to keep my child(ren) safe in line with current advice from Public Health England and the Department for Education to the best of their ability. I am happy form my child to take part under these terms. *
Place confirmation. ARTBASH will endeavour to reply by email confirmation of a place within 3 working days. Please check your spam folder! A deposit/Fees are to be settled within 3 working days to secure a place. *