Barking Hospital Installation In collaboration with Studio 3 Arts

This aim of this project was to creat engaging art peices for the waiting areas for the new Barking Hospital.  We facilitated a series of creative workshops engaing the local user groups.
Touching on our personal experiences of life, past present and aspirational, these exercises emulated the unique pathways of our lives. The artworks created in the workshops informed the final designed peices.

Spin / Spiro Installation 6 m x 1.5m

Each person that took part in the workshops, created a spin painting and a spirograph drawing. Games of chance were palyed by pulling balls from a hat depicting the colours to be used in the painting.  With the spirograph drawing, cards were drawn to indicating the positioning on the ‘Osolin’ drawing contraption.  Each participants created their own unique spirograph.

Domed pills 7no. 30 cm dia

In the workshop, participants were encouraged to have guided freedom with fluid materials, by mark making with inks controlled by rolling a dice to give an action. The participants are asked to answer questions relating to their lives.  Selected elements of their painting and text were choosen to create lovely pieces. Digital prints were encapsulated in acrylic and resin, creating a domed affect, magnifying the image, encouraging the viewer to peer into the pieces.
The image distorts as you move. This could be likend to our changes of moods and perspectives in life.

Time Line Ripple 3 m x 20 cm

Using heat moulded acrylic and digital print and acrylic, incorporating ink paintings and text.
Participants took part in memorry games and were asked questions relating to their lives. These were documented and the text assembled together to form a collective time line.  The final art peice was created by using heat moulded acrylic and digital print, incorporating ink paintings and text.
Some of the text gets lost or obscured though the layering processes. This is representative of the way memories and future aspirations can become lost distorted or rose tinted though time.

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