ARTBASH in Public Spaces is displaying loud and proud!

Empowered through the voice of art, we deliver large scale professional installations and artworks that transform public spaces. We work directly with the people in your organisation to produce works that are informed by them. From workshops through to design, manufacture and final installation, your space will be transformed.

We work with diverse groups including schools, nurseries, sheltered housing, charitable trusts and more. Collective voices can be shared through art, empowering the people that matter and supporting social inclusion.

Informed by the art created, we record, montage and layer imagery through digital techniques. We favour materials such as Perspex, ceramics, and laser etching to reinterpreted the design. We love reflective materials where colour, patterns and light bounced around the space literally and metaphorically.


All project are bespoke, we are happy to support with funding applications and understand working to budgets.