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Wellgate Farm Bus

Wellgate Farm Bus

Wellgate Community Farm, Essex – Bus Livery design and decoration.  2008 Creative workshops were run with local teenagers, the farm team and adults with learning disabilities. I worked in collaboration Jonny Stockbridge and Studio 3 Arts. The bus was painted, and artwork was reproduced digitally and applied directly on to the bus. Over sized sculptures…

ARTBASH Club Fashion

We make our own costumes, design splendid shoes, and create fancy dress out fits out of paper sacks. Tie dying is a winner and batik textiles wow the parents. Designer printed T-shirts and wonderful accessories are all here. Then for the fashion show!

ARTBASH Club Puppets

Take a look at our puppets and see if you can guess what we’ve made them out of? Recycling old materials and those objects your not quite sure what to do with is perfect for this. Odd socks, gloves, tights even are great. Use stuffing from old pillows, why not?  Little bits of broken jewelry…