Payments can be made the following ways for ARTBASH club & ARTBASH camp.

Online – For BAC’s payment details please email: for these details.
Cheques: made payable to: ARTBASH
Post to: ARTBASH c/o Round Chapel Old School Rooms, 2 Powerscroft Rd, London, E5 0PU
Cash: By arrangement
Alternatively pay through PayPal (bottom of page)

*Please note that deposits are non returnable.
However if you have to cancel in unforeseen circumstances we will do our best to fill your place and reimburse, you will unfortunately be charged a £10 admin fee 😉
Please reference Childs name(s) with your payment.
Please email us as soon as you have made your payment so we can up date our records.
If paying through PayPal Click on the ‘PayPal’ button below.
Then add your child(ren’s) name and reference. i.e.  Bobby Smith ‘summer term’ or ‘AB camp WK 1 or 2’
Type in the correct amount listed below.
Click log into PayPal
If your fees for the term are different to listed below i.e. starting late or have had a free taster session, please reference and enter the agreed amount into the same payment box.  

1. ARTBASH club (after school club running termly)

Monday’s &Thursday’s – Fees – Autumn term 2018 = 14 sessions
 Time 4 – 5.30 pm
1 child = £176.40
2 siblings = £335.16 (£176.40 + £158.76 10% sibling discount)
3 children = £493.92 (£176.40 + £158.76 + £158.76 10% sibling discount)
Free Taster * Please note that if you’re doing a free taster session or starting ARTBASH later in the term
please confirm your fees prior to paying

2. ARTBASH camp ‘with wings’ 18
Fees – Please note full payment is due no later than 11th July 18.
Please do not make a payment unless your child’s place has been confirmed.
Deposit to secure a place per child = £50 or you are welcome to pay in full.

Full payment = 4 day week
: Monday – Thursday 9am – 3.30pm
1 child = £150
2 siblings (£150+£135 10% sibling discount) = £285.00)
3 siblings (£150+£135+£135 10% sibling discount) = £420.00

Balance payment – (if a £50 deposit has been paid per child)
1 child (- £50 deposit previously paid)£100.00 
2 siblings (- £100 deposit previously paid) = £185.00
3 siblings (- £150 deposit previously paid) = £270.00

Extended Hours Drama 3.30 – 5.00 pm –  Monday – Wednesday = £15 per child
Please add this on to your fees or balance payment if your places have been confirmed.

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