Morningside Primary School Hackney invited us in to help transform their rather tired looking walls in their junior playground.

We choose a ‘The seasons’ and ‘Games’ as our starting point. We worked with small groups of children from KS2 to help us with developing the mural designs.

‘The seasons’
We focus on the visual changes in nature through out the year and experimented with patterns and textures that represented ‘Spring’ ‘Summer’ ‘Autumn’ and ‘Winter’.  The children splated, blew and sqwidged paint with great fun. The final design resulted in a powerful freeze of trees incorporating the young peoples patterns and artwork. The trees dynamically change from warm spring colours through to cold icy snowflake patterns.

 ‘ The Games Wall’
We looked at the game young people played in their break times as well as free time. We focused on traditional as well as modern digital games. Action games such as football or targets were also popular. We decided to create a wall that incorporated all theses ideas.
The young people came up with digital character to be included in the designs. Colourful, geometric patterns and mazes were popular with the children.  Theses linked the design together nicely.  For a final touch we incorporated chalkboards into the design in the form of a giant hand, a game console and a target board. This enabled the children to have areas to draw or write on in break times.

Through a very long winter of 2012 we managed to paint the two17 m murals just in time for spring, resulting in lots of smiling faces.

“The children at Morningside loved taking part in the art workshops. Our playground looks fabulous now that the murals have brightened it up.”

 By Janet Taylor Head Teacher Morningside Primary School

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